Sleep Ambience for your Showroom

better-sleepDid you know May was Better Sleep Month? Better Sleep Month is supported by the Better Sleep Council (BSC), which aims to raise awareness about the benefits of better sleep and how poor sleep can disrupt our lives. As with diet and exercise, sleep is crucial to our physical, emotional and mental health. With it we've heard lots of ways to help your sleep. - via What Health

How can we as retailers take all we've heard this month for sleep and relate it to our showrooms?

Sleep Savvy Magazine examines how adding bedroom ambience to our showroom floor can boost shopper comfort and increase sales.

If we are "selling sleep" what can we add to our showroom to help?  Products are the answer.  Besides mattresses, what other products can help sell sleep?

- PILLOWS.  "High quality, comfortable and supportive pillows are as important to sleep as the mattress itself."   It is important to have varieties of pillows that the consumer can test out while they are trying out mattresses.  Sleep Savvy also gives us nine tips for bolstering pillow sales:

1. Remember you're promoting a total sleep experience.

2. Set up the pillow discussion early in the mattress-buying process.

3. Ask questions and more questions.SpringAirFamily

4. Talk about fit.

5. Help shoppers get comfortable

6. Swap out the pillow if it's not working

7. Tell customers they get what they pay for.

8. Don't give pillows away.

9. Like Mattresses, Pillows have a lifespan.

- BED LINENS: "To help your customers create a complete bedding ensemble, carry a wide selection of soft, inviting bed linen."


Read Sleep Savvy's article "Building a sleep sanctuary" for more tips on turning your showroom into the perfect sleep sanctuary for your customers as well as tips for the consumer for their bedroom.