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The origin of Pleasant Mattress, Inc. stretches back to the throes of World War II, when the original Morgensterns immigrated from Vienna to the United States and cobbled together a new life. Today, we continue their tradition of resourcefulness and forward-thinking. Our success rests on the synergy between father and son. Generation after generation, Morgenstern sons have taken inspiration from their fathers, each one building on the tradition of the last. As Issac Newton said, the secret to success is standing on the shoulders of giants.  Click on the button below to read more about our rich history.



We believe our success is measured by the satisfaction expressed by our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the community. Our product line consists of the highest quality Mattresses and Foundations. Our mattresses are one of the most comprehensive in choice of styles and designs anywhere in the industry. We understand that sleep is a critical part of our daily lives. In fact, in many ways, our waking hours are only as good as the sleep that we get. With over 45 years of manufacturing experience, you can rest assured that you are getting a great product to meet your sleeping needs.



Our leadership team shares many core values. Chief among these values is the belief that good customer service is the foundation for a successful business. This core belief has been proven by the longevity of the company since the founding in 1959.  The leadership team is a strong combination of industry insiders and veterans from diverse business disciplines. Pleasant Mattress is a family owned and operated  business with leadership positions being held by proven family members. We continue to operate today with the same family values our founder, Ernst Morgenstern, based this company upon. We are very proud of our leadership team and the work they are doing to get us delivering everyday!



By now, you have heard our story, viewed our products and met our leaders - now it's time to really hear our voice.  Our goal for this blog starts as an extension of our mission - to support the health and well being of humanity by providing products for a safe and restorative sleep - by not only providing products for your health and well being, but also providing sleep tips and sleep education.  You will also meet some of our valued family members, those that make your mattresses every day.  We hope this blog not only educates, but also entertains and shows the culture of Pleasant Mattress.  Enjoy.


our mission

TO SUPPORT the health and well being of humanity by providing products for a safe and restorative sleep.


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