The Five Step Selling Cycle: Qualifying

This Month, we will focus on the Qualifying step of the Five Step Selling Cycle, which in my opinion is the most important step in the selling cycle.  This is the step that lets us learn about your customer.  We should determine their needs and wants for their visit to your store. Is it that they are not sleeping well, their current sleep set is worn out, they have a new home, or a student going away to school.  

If the consumer is not sleeping well, we need to get them to remember how bad they felt when they woke up this morning.  This will help us create a sense of urgency to purchase today to start feeling better.  Ask question’s such as: who will be sleeping in the new mattress set?  Will it be for the Master Bedroom, kid’s room, or guest bedroom! Do you have a brand preference?  What is the price range you were expecting to spend?



Other questions that are need development could be:  Do you get 8 hours of sleep a night?  Do you wake up feeling refreshed?  Do you find yourself yawning while working?  I am sure that each of you have some of your favorite need development questions, as it is key to understanding the needs of the consumer!  The more time that you spend qualifying the customer the better informed you will be to present the product that best fits their need and wallet.  This will make the close happen faster!


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