Success at the Long Beach Furniture Market

First and foremost, we'd like to thank all our current and potential dealers who took the time to stop by Cannon Sleep Products' booth at the Long Beach Regional Market.  We saw many existing dealers, wrote many orders and opened many new accounts; from the Cannon family, thank you for making it a successful show!To our pleasant surprise we were actually quite busy!  At times we couldn't even take a break to eat lunch or go to the restroom because customer after customer were showing up.  The response to the product was tremendous, people were impressed with the value that the Cannon lines offer; I mean there's something for everyone!  We have our Premier Collection that speaks to niche markets and a higher end clientele, then of course the Branded Spring Air line that provides so much value (bang for your buck), which is what so many dealers and consumers are looking for these days.  We noticed that there were so many mattress manufacturers at the show and we got to thinking.... How do we differentiate ourselves in the SoCal market with all this competition, without getting too diluted?  And the answer was very eye opening...

Spring Air at one point was a $40 million dollar / yr. operation in Southern California, that's HUGE!  Many people who bought the famous Back Supporter & Four Seasons lines from Macy's, JC Penny's and Sit & Sleep 10 years ago are now replacing their mattresses.  So a consumer walks in the store and we never missed a beat... I'm hearing, "Yeah, I bought a Back Supporter 10 years ago, I loved it and it's still holding up, I'm ready for a new one!"

That's when the Long Beach show came into perspective.  With all the competition, it's easy to feel bombarded, but there is comfort when familiarity is found in the abyss.  Dealers may have been a bit overwhelmed by all the selection at the show, but when they strolled by our booth, it was easy to stop and lay on our beds.  9 times out of 10, when you combine brand name recognition with high quality products at a super competitive price, you can close a deal with a consumer nearly effortlessly as opposed to having to work hard to explain a product.

That being said, we're excited about all the new products in development from Cannon Sleep, including a new Spring Air Four Seasons Line.  The Long Beach Regional Market is a great place to come see & lay on our products and we hope to see you there in November when we roll out these new products!
Thanks for your continual support, Onwards & Upwards ;-)