Increase Your Mattress Sales During Your Back to School Event

InfographicSo your Back to School ads just broke and the fact that Back To School is the second largest selling event of the year it’s a perfect opportunity to increase your mattress sales.  Turning your customers attention from the barrage of Back to School clothes and school supplies ads to buying a mattress for their kids is the key and here is some ammunition to do it:


  1. Parents must understand that a lack of sleep can lead to problems with attention and memory in the classroom, affect impulse control and mood regulation lead to anxiety and even depression, according to Kristin Avis, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics Division of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine.
  2. What better way to encourage your kids to get more sleep than with the excitement that that comes along with buying them a new mattress! Mom and Dad will also feel a sense of satisfaction in doing something nice for their kids as they prepare for the challenges of a new school year.
  3. sleeping-studentNow that they are open to buying a mattress for their kids, assess their current sleeping situation and how many mattresses they will be needing:
    1. Are there bunk beds in the room, is the bed a twin or full, is the mattress too small for the child, do they need a matt only or a set etc.
  4. Although parents may have the misconception that “It’s just a kids bed” and “doesn’t have to be a quality mattress”, do not start by showing the opening price point bed. The mattress should be viewed as an investment in their child’s future academic success and what parent doesn’t want that?
  5. As Children grow their natural spine curves develop into a normal spine so a good quality firm or plush/firm is the best choice to offer for this reason.  If the kids are in the store with mom and dad, make them a part of the process and let them try out their new bed.
  6. Know your stock status of each mattress to encourage a “Take-A-Way” sale.  This avoids delivery charges and usually makes the decision to buy now easier.

Back to School is not just for backpacks and pencils, take advantage of the event to increase your mattress sales right now.