In honor of our mothers....

Too often these days, it's easy to get busy and fly past some of those yearly celebrations and traditions, such as Mother's Day and Father's Day.  This year at Pleasant Mattress, we have two new expectant mothers giving birth this summer, so we'd thought we'd take a pause from our busy schedule and honor some of those mothers we have here that don't often get the credit they deserve.  We'd like you to meet a few of our Mothers here at PMI: Courtee - our newest office Mother with a beautiful two year old,  Maria - Mother of two in our sewing department, Gabriella - Mother of 5, also in our sewing department, and Kathi - our resident "Ahma" with three kids and four grandchildren!

Jennie Schuh
Meet our Family: Autumn Salazar

I was born and raised in rural Wisconsin and I LOVE the Green Bay Packers! I met my husband, Tom, in1999 in a Yahoo chat room and moved to Fresno in 2001 to be near him. We have been married for almost 14 years and have two adult sons, who we adopted in 2010.

Jennie Schuh
Chattam & Wells is Hot at the Las Vegas Furniture Market

My Team and I at Pleasant Mattress had the privilege to re-launch Chattam & Wells for the US at Market.  After more than a year of research and development we were met with the greatest success we have seen in the Spring Air space.In addition, Spring Air launched the 90th Anniversary Collection to celebrate 90 years of trust by our millions of consumers. Also launched at this market was the International Chattam & Wells “Throne”. The “Throne” was designed and built in Indonesia for a global elite market. We can expect to see this beautiful mattress in elite stores worldwide in the coming year.