In honor of our Fathers...

Hopefully you've met some of our wonderful mothers in the last blog post, now it's time to honor our Fathers.  We'd like you to meet a few of our Fathers here at PMI: Scott - our resident office Dad with two beautiful girls,  Isaac - Father of five in our receiving department, Jesse - Father of 3 in our Mattress-build department and Harvey - Father of three, also in our Mattress-Build department.


Scott Grossman

My name is Scott Grossman and I am the Director of Finance at Pleasant Mattress.  Two weeks after my first daughter Addison was born, I joined our company.  Now almost 3 years later we have welcomed Taylor who is 5 months old.  I could never imagine how my life would change becoming a Father.  My perspective on the world was transformed when I held both girls for the first time.   

I truly enjoy getting home every evening and being a part of their discoveries of the world around them.  One of my favorite things to do with our girls is to teach them about my love for sports.  Our 2-year-old, Addison learned the entire Philadelphia Eagles fight song before she was two.  I look forward to teaching them both more about things I love and watching them become their own little people. 



Isaac Gutierrez

My Name is Isaac Gutierrez and I've worked here at Pleasant Mattress for about 3 years.  I have three boys and two girls.  I am very involved with their sports and academics.  My oldest just graduated high school and is getting ready for college in a couple of months!  

I enjoy spending time with my kids when I am not at work.  We love to go on road trips and taking family vacations.  We're very close and have a great relationships.  I work very hard, but I do it for them, they are what motivates me.




Jesse Beltran

Hi Everyone,  I'm Jesse Beltran and I would like to tell you what being a father means to me.  I have been married for 28 years to my beautiful wife Diane and I have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters Monica (26), Jessica (24), and Priscilla (14).  

Now, being a father of three young ladies, I have 3 different relationships with them.  Not one of them is the same, but the love I have for them is the same.  As a parent you need to give them that, so they can enjoy that.

I could write a book about what being a Dad means to me, but  I will close with this: the love, joy, and happiness and a little stress (lol) that I have at home, I don't leave it there.  Everyday I come to work to Pleasant Mattress I bring it with me and share it with the ones I work with.


Harvey Blanco

Hi, my name is Harvey Blanco.  Being a father has been a blessing for me. I really believe that your children should see you as their best friend. It makes me proud and thank God that I have been my kids best friend and their number one supporter in their lives. Lessons in life and all my failures have made me the best dad I can be today. The hardest thing for me is seeing that soon they will move on a live adult lives. But to me they will always be my babies, and they will always have their Dad to run to when they need me.

Jennie Schuh