Chattam & Wells is Hot at the Las Vegas Furniture Market


My Team and I at Pleasant Mattress had the privilege to re-launch Chattam & Wells for the US at Market.  After more than a year of research and development we were met with the greatest success we have seen in the Spring Air space.In addition, Spring Air launched the 90th Anniversary Collection to celebrate 90 years of trust by our millions of consumers. Also launched at this market was the International Chattam & Wells “Throne”. The “Throne” was designed and built in Indonesia for a global elite market. We can expect to see this beautiful mattress in elite stores worldwide in the coming year.

Since the global economic meltdown in 2009, the Las Vegas Furniture Market has been an exercise in endurance. How long can you endure standing in a showroom and counting the tiles on the floor? My average count over the last few years in the Spring Air space is 42. These last couple markets, the energy has increased some as buyers are looking for opportunities once again. Opening day at previous winter markets had also been pretty slow in the past couple years, sharing the day with the NFL championships, but this year no one was staying home (They instead watched the game in our space). This year was different. Buyers are back in droves. Buying decisions are being made at market and not deferred for later in the year. There was no boredom at market this year. Most importantly, by luck or strategy we were ready for the change.


We finished a very busy opening day with a cocktail hour and champagne toast for the 90th Anniversary of Spring Air. This was a great beginning for a market full of presentations to current dealers, prospective dealers, and even players on the national stage.

Our biggest success of the Market was the re-launch of Chattam & Wells brand, introducing current and prospective dealers to a truly unique product. We presented to nearly half of our current dealers and prospective dealers from small, to super regional, to the biggest national retailers. The biggest compliment we received was said by Mike King of Macy's and Nelson Bercier of Sit n' Sleep, "This is the best version of Chattam & Wells we have seen since it was first brought to market 20 years ago." Thank you both for the vote of confidence.

While our team at PM Inc. has placed hundreds of Chattam & Wells Floor models in California and Arizona markets, there is also great excitement on a national level. As I write this, Chattam & Wells is currently in a contest for a national placement with a customer that you might have heard of, if I was in a position to mention their name.

With the re-launch of Chattam & Wells, we are just hitting our stride. Keep watch for a line extension coming later this year as well as a suite of new products launching over the next 18 months.

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Las Vegas Market Sign
Las Vegas Market Sign