Las Vegas Summer Market Recap




In the lead up to Summer Market in Las Vegas at the World Market Center I heard more than one person lament that attendance will be low citing the common concept, "Buyers come in winter, gamblers come in the summer."  While traffic was low, the gamblers I met were gambling on new engaging products for their showrooms in the Spring Air and Paramount spaces.

Last week Spring Air introduced a line of hybrid concepts with the flagship brand Back Supporter priced at $699 and $799. Customers were excited to have an entry level branded hybrid mattress to offer at $799 with a strong story and room to step customers up to the higher price points. Our customers continue to place floor model orders for the Sleep Sense and Four Seasons reboot. We are seeing strong traction on the Four Seasons with comfort topper hitting price points that are in the sweet spot for sub-premium bedding prices.

Paramount  Sleep also elevated their presence at the Market this year to a new spot in the 15th floor of building C. This was the first time Paramount was in the main market buildings with the new line. Showing with Knickerbocker and Pure Care creates a trio that is hard to beat. By showing just four beds Paramount showed the breadth and depth of the collection; the newly redesigned Back Performance MX Gel, The Natures Spa H-series, AH Beard, and the flagship HD Super Duty. Each bed represents a collection targeting a specific consumer in the sweet spot of price points.

When taken on, the whole the summer market was a strong market for gamblers and buyers. As we start working on new products for the next market buyers get ready because as they say in that HBO show, "Winter is coming."

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