Las Vegas Summer Market is almost here!

I know everyone is excited about the coming Summer Las Vegas Market, but here are some additional reasons to be excited! Having revamped its Sleep Sense, Back Supporter® 700 Series and its Four Seasons® lines over the past year, Spring Air (B-1126) is coming to Las Vegas with several new sharply priced Back Supporter models to help retailers drive business through the remainder of the year.

Spring Air also plans to use the market to spotlight its current bedding lines and to reinforce the strength of the worldwide Spring Air brand. First-floor elevator doors in the B Building will feature dramatic photography of the company’s Sleep Sense, Back Supporter and Four Seasons beds, in addition to messaging focused on Spring Air’s consumer brand recognition.

Recent independent research conducted by Spring Air not only revealed the brand’s recognition level today (one out of two U.S. consumers), but also reinforced that nearly 95 percent of consumers prefer to buy a mattress brand they know. Most consumers also would spend more to purchase a familiar name, the study showed.

[bquote] “Our objectives this market are to strongly communicate and emphasize the brand equity in our 88-year-old name and to showcase the great product lines that represent the Spring Air brand today,”              - Rick Robinson, Spring Air president.[/bquote]

Please join us at the Las Vegas Market for an Opening Day Cocktail Party on Sunday from 4:30pm - 6:00pm.  It gives you a chance to see our products and programs in a more relaxed forum.                  We hope to see you there!

 Spring Air Sleep Savvy Ad 2014 Summer 2(1)