Top 5 Reasons 2014 Winter Las Vegas was the Best Ever


5. Attendance was off the charts.

According to one source market attendance of qualified buyers was up 20%. That means that buyers like yourselves are continuing to see sales increases at retail and are looking for new products to meet increased customer demand.Seeking innovations in the bedding category was number one on many buyers lists and Cannon Sleep Products was right in the thick of it with new introductions at both the Spring Air booth and the Paramount off site private showing.

4. Four Seasons is back baby!!

Four Seasons Reboot

If you didn't make it by the Spring Air space to see the reboot of the Four Seasons you missed out on one of the best introductions at Market. This new three-piece bedroom set is sure to be a hit in the master bedroom. The new Four Seasons gives your customers the two-sided bed experience in a luxury topper featuring silk and wool and updated with modern gel components. Check out the short video that wowed the market on Spring Air’s website. The base is available in a LFK or a Pocket Coil. However, the Pocketed Coil is only available in select markets because a major national retailer is currently working with Spring Air Corporate. Talk to your sales person to see if the pocketed coil base is available in your area and lock it up quick.

3. Australian Luxury is a real thing?!

With the launch of  five new AH Beard beds were showing at the Paramount Sleep Private Event we now have great luxury hand tufted product starting at $999.00 retail price points. The entry level products feature a pocketed coil core and Belgium damask covers. What is the reason for step-up you ask? The premier models feature the exclusive Joey Coil core, natural latex, and a exquisite super stretch panel. Guess which luxury bedding line based in California is losing slots to the new AH Beard models? I'll never tell...

2. Free iPads. Did you get yours?

Cannon Sleep products gave dozens of Free iPads to customers who ordered the new Four Seasons at market. The iPads will be delivered with the floor model orders later this month.

1. Marilu Henner! 

Herb, Rion and Marilu HennerYep, that’s right the star of Taxi and nationally recognized health advocate is working with Spring Air. Marilu spent Sunday and Monday in the Spring Air booth signing books and offering sleep tips. Marilu was one of the first people to sleep on the new Sleep Sense beds launched last market. She loved the quality of sleep so much she begin talking with Spring Air about being a national spokesperson for the product. Keep an eye out for Marilu talking about Sleep Sense on national television as she makes her normal rounds on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, and many other premier speaking opportunities.


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