Sex Sells: Why is Sex relevant in the mattress world?

With Valentine's Day around the corner, how can we change our selling techniques to benefit a couple?  Mark Quinn, the Segment Vice President of Marketing at Leggett & Platt, on his "Q's Views" blog tackles the subject of Sex and its relevancy to the mattress industry:



If I told you there’s a way to make your product more emotionally appealing, which ultimately makes it easier to sell, would you want to know more? And what if I told youthere’s a simple way to make a mattress more interesting and compelling to the consumer, more fun to shop for, and overall simply more relevant? Do you want to know that bit of information? It sounds like a stupid question, but I had to ask because this opportunity is right under our noses, and for some reason most of us in the bedding industry continue to ignore it and I am not sure why. So here it is: the key to the kingdom is sex.

Sex and Sleep 300x218 A Public Service Announcement: Sex is Relevant to the Mattress IndustryLike it or not, sex is the reason we’re on planet Earth. It’s a natural thing. And it’s tied directly to the products we sell. We’re the one industry most qualified to talk about intimacy, yet we treat the topic like it’s taboo. Missed opportunity? You bet. But I believe it’s more than that. I believe it is a public service announcement that needs to be made.


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