Spring Air International Delegation Visits Cannon Sleep Products

SAGlobal3On Tuesday October 29th, Cannon Sleep Products hosted an international delegation of Spring Air licensees at our factory in Fresno, CA as part of the Spring Air 4th annual Global Summit. Delegates represented countries from Canada to China and many countries in between.  The purpose of the event was to gather the licensees to create a shared vision of the future and share best practices in marketing and manufacturing from around the world.  

First on the agenda was a tour of our operations. Herb and I spit the group into manageable tour parties and took them on a detailed tour of our 160,000 square feet of manufacturing. The delegates were very interested in the verticality of our operations. The day continued with new product presentations and a representative from the Mayors’ office giving a presentation on how local government supports growing businesses in the Central Valley.


Speaking with the delegates after the presentations, there was one comment I heard over and over again,  “You have a very impressive team.” They commented on our manufacturing and administrative staff, giving them many complements. Our people are what was clearly the most impressive aspect of our operations.


We all have access to the same materials and know that making mattresses is not rocket science. So, what makes the difference between a good mattress company and a great mattress company? The people make the difference.


Our staff has a strong commitment to making a great product.  This one simple fact showed through during the tour, crossing both language and cultural barriers. We are proud of our team. We are proud of our products. We are proud of our customers. It was our honor to share this pride with an international group of our peers. Moreover, I am delighted this pride shows through our people, from the manufacturing floor to front office, and extends to our sales team in the field everyday.