The Five Step Selling Cycle: Closing Techniques

If we have completed the first three steps completely we should be able to close the sell and let the consumer enjoy the rest of their day.  

Closing techniques must fit your personality and again appear to be genuine. Questions like: Let me check our stock, if it is we can deliver it tomorrow, if that is convenient! Will we be delivering this set to your home or will you want to pick it up at our warehouse? Are you going to use a credit card, cash, or do you want to take advantage of our financing programs? There are many more closing questions and I am sure that you have some great ones that work for you.


The most important part of the closing is to “ask for the order”. It is always a great idea to let the consumer know that you want their business and that you care about them getting a great night’s sleep. If you have done all three steps correctly you have won the right to ask for their business!