The Five Step Selling Cycle: Product Presentation

To continue our five step selling cycle, step 3: The product presentation step happens once we have an idea of what mattress product meets the needs of the consumer based on our qualifying step.  We all know that we only want to show no more than 3 products, so it is important that we keep the customer focused so that they are not overwhelmed by all the choices on your floor.


In this step we will need to pay attention to the body language of the consumer.  Are they looking around, nervousness, or loss of interest?  If so this could be a buying sign or they are not confident in you, or they are not seeing anything of interest to them.  Make sure to get them to lie down on the mattress, engage!  In terms of comfort choices always keep a product in your back pocket that may be just right for them, if they don’t like what you are presenting.  The use cost per night to justify the price to the consumer, as they spend a third of their life hopefully having a good night’s sleep, is a great tool!  How can you put a price on improving your health, stress level, mood, efficiency, and your energy level?

In this step it is a great time for a trial close.  Ask questions: When you find the set you like will delivery be an issue?  Will you need a new bed frame with your new set?  This will let you know where the consumer is in the buying cycle.  Trial closes need to be natural and fit your personality, so that you come across as genuine!