Guest Blog by Shelly Sullivan
Californians for Mattress Recycling


Cannon Sleep Products has joined with the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and Californians for Mattress Recycling to support SB 254 (Hancock/Correa) which is legislation to establish a mattress recycling system in California. The primary goals of SB 254 are to:


• Create an economically practical system for recycling used mattresses; • Reduce the impact of illegally dumped mattresses; • Harness existing infrastructure for getting used • Mattresses to recyclers; and, • Minimize cost to consumers and governments.


We Are Asking You To Please Take Action Today -- As you have been reading, the industry sponsored and supported legislation, SB 254 (Hancock/Correa), is making its way through the legislative process during the final few weeks of California’s legislative session.

The next vote is a critical one – Please take a few moments from your day to submit a letter to your Assembly Member (instructions below) and make a call to the District and Legislative offices to voice your support.

We also ask for you to encourage everyone involved in your professional network to follow become engaged in our efforts.

Follow the ‘Take Action’ button on the Californians for Mattress Recycling website to submit a letter of support for SB 254. The body of the letter has been created, you may send it as it is or you may add a personal introduction and closure. The ‘Take Action’ page will ask for the zip codes and the letters will be assigned to the Assembly Members from that information.

Next step – calls to the Assembly Members’ offices. We are asking that you call both the District Office and the Capitol Office. You do not have to speak directly to the Assembly Member, you may also talk to the Chief of Staff or Legislative Director. You will need to identify yourself as a constituent and let them know you are in strong support of SB 254 and hope you can count on the Legislator’s ‘aye’ vote when it comes up on the Assembly Floor for a vote. Leave him or her your name and number should they wish to call you back. Visit the Assembly website if you’d like to directly look-up your Assembly Member’s phone numbers.

If you are unsure of the appropriate Assembly Member office to connect with please call Shelly Sullivan at (916) 858-8686 or email to obtain the name and telephone numbers.

Important things to remember about SB 254 is it creates a used mattress recycling program that will have a dedicated funding mechanism, reduce the impact of illegally dumped mattresses, harness existing infrastructure for transporting used mattresses to recyclers, create jobs, and minimize costs to both government and consumers.

Thank you again for your commitment to our efforts.

Photos by  Amanda Durbin