Look for the Proof Mark and Buy American

Cannon Sleep products has added a new Made in the USA brand mark to our products to more closely align with the brand standards of our license groups.  Select brands manufactured by Cannon Sleep Products now carry the Made in the US brand mark .  We are very proud of Manufacturing in America and  encourage everyone to buy American and support economic recovery in the USA. This new certification tag with be on all Spring Air and Cannon branded Mattresses. Four out of five shoppers notice “Made in the U.S.A.” claims on packaging. 76% of those shoppers claim that they are more likely to purchase a product after noticing the “Made in the U.S.A” claim. -Perception Research Services
















[bquote]Buying American-made products on a regular basis creates a domino effect. When people purchase American-made items, money stays in the country. This money, in turn, contributes to wages for the people who are indirectly and directly responsible for the creation of these products. And when these people spend their hard-earned money on more American-made products and services, the cycle continues. The more frequently people buy American, the more this stimulates the economy and creates new jobs. Additionally, American workers pay taxes on wages earned in the United States; these monies then fuel programs and services that benefits. -  Tom Bonine[/bquote].

Tom Bonine,  the President of National Metal Fabricators, tells us the reasons consumers will pay more for  American made products in his Guest Blog article "Why Consumers Pay More for Merchandise Made in the USA."