We have new mattress bags!

You may have noticed, we have new mattress bags!

We have switched to XF Film® bags by Hanes Packaging

XF Film®  is a tri-extruded and cross-laminated film that provides superior puncture and tear resistance.  XF Film®  allows end-users to meet or exceed current packaging performance with reduced gauge or material weight.  This benefits the environment while reducing shipping, warehousing, and disposal costs.

XF Film® Properties:

Temperature Tolerant - Preforms well in almost any environment.

Dimensionally Stable - Excellent dimensional stability under normal process conditions.  Humidity has virtually no effect on XF Film

Moisture Resistant - Physical properties are not affected by moisture.  Retains 100% of its strength when wet.

Excellent Barrier - Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR) and Water Vapor Transmission Rates (WVTR) are extremely low.

Weather Resistant - for many applications, untreated XF Film has an outdoor life of up to 5 months.

Chemical Resistant - Stable, with excellent resistance to most chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly - 100% Recyclable


Watch the video below to see why we changed to the new mattress bags