Needs Assessment Questions, Mattress Questions That Work

My Favorite fiveSalesman Talking to Customer in Furniture Store If I could only choose five questions to be used in every bedding sales presentation, it would be these:

1) How long would you like your new bed to last?

This question establishes the quality of product the consumer should be considering as well as providing the bedding associate with a guideline on how much importance the consumer is attaching to their new bed.


2) How long has it been since you have had a good night's sleep?

This question begins to develop the need in the eyes of the consumer ( they really begin to wonder how long has it been?) It also provides the bedding associate insight as to how poor their current sleeping situation may be.


3) Between you and your spouse, who has the most trouble sleeping?

This question helps in determining who will be the key decision maker in relation to the comfort of the product. Although both people may participate in the final buying decision, the one who has the biggest issue with the bed will determine which product best meets their need.


4) How do you sleep, back, side, stomach? In which position do you mostly sleep?

This question will provide the bedding associate insight as to which type of surface comfort the consumer might prefer (firm, plush, or pillow top). Although it is never safe to assume what the consumer would like, sleeping position in general has an impact on the type of surface a consumer would prefer.


5) Do you currently have any health concerns that would contribute to your not sleeping well?

This question provides insight as to how sensitive the consumer may be to the performance of the product. There are some health problems that are difficult to solve even with a new set. If the associates can understand the consumers expectations of the bedding set performance , they are better able to provide information and products that deliver high quality results.




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