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The Executive Profile: Rion Morgenstern — The Business Journal Page 9

Pleasant Mattress designs and manufactures sleep products to provide a safe, comfortable place to sleep. We do this to create a value for our shareholders, employees and our community. Our mission is summed up in a single word — better. We are adamant about creating products that deliver our customers a healthy, better life. We’re also active stakeholders in making our community a better place to live and work, all while supporting our employees in living better lives.

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San Francisco’s Oldest Family-Owned Manufacturer Shifts to Retail-Only

McRoskey Mattress, which had been the oldest family-owned manufacturer in San Francisco, closed its Minnesota Street plant last fall after selling its production and brand rights to Fresno-based Pleasant Mattress. The shift marks a new chapter for the iconic company, which now focuses solely on retail sales.

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