Companies To Watch: Your Guide To 2017 — Featured in Sleep Retailer

Think outside of the box.

As consumer shopping habits continue to change, it’s increasingly important for bedding retailers to adjust to the times. While many companies have struggled in recent years to find the right balance of tradition and innovation, Pleasant Mattress stands out as a company of creating thinkers. After years of working in the tech industry, company CEO Rion Morgenstern brings a fresh perspective to the bedding industry. In taking over the reigns of the third-generation family business, he has carefully reinvented the brand—introducing a new strategic approach that prioritizes thinking outside the box when it comes to product development and branding. Since launching the MAXX Collection last year, the company has taken cues from other industries to improve upon the original engineering—creating new iterations based on feedback from retailers and dealers. Most significantly, it has put its own unique spin on the marketing of the heavy-duty mattress line. In addition to eye-catching aesthetics, the company crafted sleek letterpress hang-tags inspired by the men’s fashion industry and a branded protective bag reminiscent of those used by high-end shoe or purse supplies. Additionally, Pleasant is leveraging the power of digital media with a consumer-friendly microsite designed exclusively for the collection. The dedicated website is designed to boost the web presence of the brand, helping retailers boost sales by offering a more dynamic look at the new line-up. In addition to housing in-depth videos and an engaging blog platform, the site also directs consumers to the company’s retail partners. Finally, the company has also taken a new approach to the classic “open house” concept by introducing the MAXX collection at a Hollywood-style premiere event. Held in a movie production studio, this two-day event featured an array of festivities inspired by classic movie premieres. Backed by a long tradition of quality craftsmanship and bolstered by forward-thinking innovation, Pleasant Mattress is a prime example of the benefits of looking outside the bubble of the mattress industry for new ways to connect with today’s consumers.