Hospitality PROGRAM

Our Hospitality Program features an innovative, high-quality product line. We provide a variety of hotels and bed & breakfasts with mattresses tailored to their specific needs. If your beds experience high turnover, you need to equip your rooms with a dependable sleep system. Keep guests coming back by providing them with an excellent night’s sleep, ensuring they can enjoy their vacation or perform on business. Because we offer three customizable options, you need to look no further to outfit your rooms with proven, quality products. 



Our OEM Program is designed for big brands that require a reputable, first-rate manufacturer. At present, we supply one of the largest E-commerce brands in the USA and regularly exceed their rigorous quality-control checks. Additionally, we have the lowest defect rate among all of the OEM’s partner companies. If your company values superior quality and service, be sure to check out our outstanding OEM product line.

Our location in central California allows us to easily service clients in both Northern and Southern California. This translates to greatly reduced shipping costs compared to other regional manufactures, giving you more money to hide under your high-quality mattresses. 


CAMP and Institutional PROGRAM

Our Camp & Institutional Program features an affordable product line designed to withstand the wear and tear common to wilderness camps and university dormitories. Our mattresses are easy to clean, water-resistant, and anti-bacterial. The entire line features Chemtick-coated, fluid-proof nylon covers, which functions as an excellent protection on your investment, whether from wily Boy Scouts or devil-may-care college students. You may choose from densified fiber, innerspring, or foam interiors.

Our proximity to numerous higher education institutions and the Sierra Nevada mountains allows us to provide one-day shipping to many clients.



Our Private Label Program is designed for regional sleep shops. We currently serve multiple clients, including one of the largest regional sleep shops in California, who we have supplied for over 10 years. Our longstanding relationship is a testament to our reliable products and devoted customer service. State-of-the-art equipment allows us to spearhead frontline innovation in sleep systems, which in turn guarantees client and customer satisfaction.

Our plant is located within one-day shipping range of over 45 million people.